Luscious Russian Repast
Rocky Road Peanut Butter Pie-
Rating-* * * * *
Family & Friends Cookbook pg. 137. The family loved this pie! Once again JoAnna did not disappoint. My dad said it was a hit. I would of never thought of adding marshmallows to a pie, but that's what the kids liked the best! I had half a slice that was left over the next day and it was much better the second day. I would highly suggest making this pie a day in advance, as the marshmallows have time to firm up and meld more into the pie, the pie also stiffens up more, and all together comes up with a better end result. This pie will for sure be served again, but for sure made a day ahead. All 5 stars.

Roman Holiday
Family & Friends Cookbook pg. 144.

Entertaining: Sunday Dinners and Celebration Meals

Sensational Salads and Slaw:
An Iowa Backyard Potluck for Eight
Rating-* * * * *
Family & Friends Cookbook pg. 257. This was wonderful! My Mother in law liked it as well. And only 90 calories! You can't beat it! I have made this several times now. I like to do this with 2 lemon jell-o's now, and adjusting the water accordingly, and double the coconut and leaving out the pecans. I also like to toast the coconut for extra flavor. All 5 stars!

Sunny Summer Garden Party for Six
Rating-* * *
Family & Friends Cookbook pg. 268. I really liked this. My step mother said it was wonderful. However, the rest of the children weren't too thrilled with it. So I probably won't be making it again. The children not liking it is the reason it only gets 3 stars. There's so many more of Jo's recipes that are loved, we will probably make them instead of this one again. I'm not sure if the children didn't like it because it was green, or because of the fruit cocktail though. If you and your family & friends like pistachio pudding and/or fruit cocktail, you may give it a higher rating. As I like both, so I really liked it. 3 stars.